BLACK recensione n#7 / BLACK review n#7…from USA (by Sea Of Tranquillity)


REVIEW by Jon Neudorf

“Cris Pinzauti is an Italian guitarist who founded the band Suzy Q and more recently has been involved with the Italian band Devil’s Mojito. He has done extensive touring as a one man band, focusing on acoustic instrumentation. I believe Black is his debut album.

On Black Pinzauti showcases fine song writing and melodies, held together with some stellar acoustic playing and strong lead vocals. His voice has a warm timbre that I liked almost immediately.The songs explore the darker side of humanity but the music is far from depressing mostly because of the catchy melodies coursing through his acoustic guitar. The first track “The Devil In The Closet” begins with sound effects emulating the sounds of the city before a lively acoustic melody begins in earnest. “My Black Is Back” is a catchy pop tune with a tasty rhythmic backbone whereas a bit of country creeps into “Wasted Years” and “Down”, both highly reflective pieces. The tempo picks up in the bluesy “Forever Yin Forever Yang” before ending with the addictive pop rock of “Zombie Attack”, borrowing lines from The Clash, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and a few others I neglected to mention.There have been some good acoustic albums lately, new releases by Fernwood and Carl Verheyen immediately come to mind and you can add Black to the list. Check it out on Red Cat Records.”